Eight days a week

A recent eight-day vacation to Mesquite, Nevada turned into eight straight days of golf. Besides lots of sun and fun, eight days of golf taught me two things.

Don’t swing too hard was the first lesson. In 30 years of golf, I must have heard that advice 30 million times, but it finally sunk in. By not swinging too hard, it allowed me to take complete control of the club head and, in turn, the golf ball. I quit hitting three or four balls out of play every round and started hitting more greens in regulation. Shocker: my scores also went lower.

Short game is king was the second lesson. As my scores dipped several strokes lower, it became quickly evident that the scores weren’t low enough. By making routine of hitting fairways and greens, my attention turned to putting and chipping. Two or three three-putts in a round is no different than hitting a ball or two out of bounds. They have to stop.

It’s all about the putting.

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